Interior Painting

A Detail Guide Regarding Interior House Painting

How to Measure the Total Average Cost of Interior House Painting

By Totalcarepainting / March 18, 2019

Looking to give your house an attractive look that represents your lifestyle? Well, then you should be painting your house with trendy colors. When you are planning to paint your house, the budget is an important factor. You might be looking to get cost to paint interior of house. In this blog, we will be […]

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By Totalcarepainting / February 4, 2019

As the new year came, it brought a lot of happiness, courage and more dreams to come true. Where everything is new on the new year,then why not your home, kitchen and bathroom get a new look? No more small house whose bathroom is even smaller? Now, you must be thinking of wall tiles that […]

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Attractive Paint Color Ideas for Kitchen Cabinets 2019

8 Attractive Paint Color Ideas for Kitchen Cabinets 2019

By Totalcarepainting / January 4, 2019

Where kitchen is the heart of home, kitchen cabinets are the its heartbeat. So, the place where you sit with family & friends, prepare meals should be incredible, filled with captivating interior lighting, colorful pieces of art ,superbly designed islands and latest trendy countertops/kitchen cabinets. When we talk about cabinets, we mean to say the […]

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Tricks to Calculate the Amount of Paint Needed for Painting Project

Tricks to Calculate the Amount of Paint Needed for Painting Project

By Totalcarepainting / December 14, 2018

Planning to paint your house soon? Before you start there are some essential things that you need to know. A common question, how to calculate the amount of paint needed for the painting project? This question is in the mind of every person so, today we will be giving you an appropriate for a better […]

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Home interior painting services cape cod

How to Pick the Perfect Wall Paint in Low Budget

By Totalcarepainting / November 25, 2018

Painting is essential to uplift the look of a property. The process of painting can be expensive and everyone is not having a big budget. The cost to paint a house interior will vary according to the area you want to paint and the size of your house. If you are planning to give a […]

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Home interior Painting

4 Home Interior Painting Trends You Can Create with a Paintbrush

By Totalcarepainting / September 19, 2018

You don’t need to be an artist to have beautifully creative interior walls. You just need a little planning and the right brush. Lots of people take on this kind of task as a fun DIY project, as it feels good to have a little fun with a paintbrush. Of course, if you are more […]

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Paint VS Wallpaper- Which one to Choose For your Room?

By Totalcarepainting / August 3, 2018

A house is a place that holds a very significant place in a person life. Every homeowner tries his best to decorate his house in a best possible way. In home décor, walls and textures are important aspects that need to be focused. Selection of the material that will be on the wall is crucial. […]

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Make Your Living Room Look Bigger With These Colors

By Totalcarepainting / July 19, 2018

There is no limit on ideas to make a small room look bigger. At the same time, you shouldn’t forget that interior paint is the foundation of the look and feel for your space. When it comes to living rooms, people tend to want it to present as both cozy and spacious. So which colors […]

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Ways to Find a Perfect Interior Paint Color

By Totalcarepainting / June 26, 2018

Colors add zing to our life and gives pleasure to our eyes. We feel happy and excited when we see colors in our surrounding. Similarly, painting our house in colorful themes makes us feel comfortable, relaxed, and stress-free. All this can be summed up within color psychology and its effect on our life. Hence, choosing […]

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6 Creative Color Choices for Your Small Kitchen

By Totalcarepainting / June 19, 2018

The kitchen is a significant part of any house. The need and the functionality performed by this integral hub cannot be ignored. Thus, this space requires frequent upgrades in term of design, style, paint and more to enhance the look. From different aspects of styling, painting is one of the primary steps that need to […]

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