A house is a place that holds a very significant place in a person life. Every homeowner tries his best to decorate his house in a best possible way. In home décor, walls and textures are important aspects that need to be focused.

Selection of the material that will be on the wall is crucial. So, if you are confused either to choose paint or wallpaper for your room, Total Care Painting a professional painting company in Cape Cod MA will guide you through professional team members to give your house a new look.

Following are some pros and cons of wallpaper and paint. The comparison will help you in making the decision much easier. In comparison, we will be considering the factors like preparation, selection,  durability, and expense.

Pros of Wallpaper

  • Wallpaper comes in paper and vinyl surfaces to offer durability and versatility in design.
  • In term of selection and durability, wallpapers hold up to wear and tear of children and high traffic area.
  • One benefit of wallpaper is that it comes in many varieties that are scrubbable.

Cons of Wallpaper

  • A preparation is needed when installing wallpaper. So removing an existing wallpaper is a tiresome task that needs ample amount of time and right tools to have effective removal.
  • In the removal process certain chemical or tools are used. Care is needed when using chemicals to prevent your wall and yourself from damages.
  • Wallpaper is applied with adhesive so due to high moisture in bathrooms and kitchens, they start to pee off after a certain time period.
  • Wallpapers are available from low to high price. On an average, they are expensive because rolls of wallpapers are purchased according to the need and they have to undergo the installation process by an expert. Inexpensive wallpaper can be cut down and install by any person.

Pros of Paint

  • Preparing the wall for the paint is easier as opposed to wallpapers. If painting a damaged wall fill the cracks or hole with space and let in dry for 24 hours. Application of primer paint on darker paint color will ease the painting preparations.
  • Depending on the finish, paint is a good option for those areas that need inexpensive and easy application. Paint ranges from semi-gloss to high gloss paints. They are durable and are mostly used for trim, exterior doors, etc.
  • Paint is cheaper as compared to wallpapers because it requires few supplies and even an amateur person can do the job.

Cons of Paint

  • When walls become damaged, scraped or hit, the paint started to chip so repairing and repainting become necessary.
  • High-quality finishes paint need professionals for the painting, this aspect increase the expenses. Hire Cape Cod painters to get painting task done by an expert and trained crew.  

Try Both
If you are a person looking for versatility then paintable wallpapers are for you. What is paintable wallpaper? The answer to this question is it comes in rolls or adhesive squares. After the wallpaper is applied it can be painted or left bare, all depend upon your choice.

If you are not happy with paintable wallpapers then you can select paint or wallpaper according to your requirement and taste. All options are here!
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