A Detail Guide Regarding Interior House Painting

Looking to give your house an attractive look that represents your lifestyle? Well, then you should be painting your house with trendy colors. When you are planning to paint your house, the budget is an important factor. You might be looking to get cost to paint interior of house. In this blog, we will be looking at the painting cost for your house interior in detail.

If we look at the average figure, the average painting house interior cost is $6800. This cost is for a house of 2,300 sq.ft with two coats of paint, painted ceiling, and trim. The price can be $4,500 with one coat of paint without any repair and preparation work. The cost can be high up to $12,000. In this package, two coats of high-quality paint and accent walls are included.

Cost of Whole Interior House Painting

cost to paint interior of house

The painting will give a fresh look to your house without any doubt. If you are confused about picking the right color for your house, then you can contact professional local painting contractors for the guidance.

The average size of a house is 2300 square feet. You might have a question, how much do painters charge per sq. ft.? The average cost of interior painting is $2 to $6 per square foot. Most of the time price can start from $3 as well. Keeping this in view, the interior house painting cost will be $6500 to $6800.

Interior Painting Cost & Consideration

Interior Painting Cost & Consideration

There are many factors that we need to keep in mind when calculating the final cost of the project. The cost will vary according to the following factors:

  • The type of paint selected either it is low or high quality for interior or exterior house painting services.
  • The number of coats applied.
  • The texture of the walls. In case of high textured walls, special equipment is needed that raises the cost.
  • The condition of your walls. If your walls are having patch holes, wallpaper removal is needed, or more, then this will increase the cost.
  • The room you are going to paint. Some room will cost more due to factors like windows, trim, and furniture.
  • The complexity of the work that includes high ceilings, faux finishes, and other complicated jobs will increase cost.

Stages of Painting Process

Stages of Painting Process


Many of the painters charge according to the square foot. Some might charge according to the room. The criteria will vary according to the scope of work. Now, we will be looking at the stages included in the painting process:


Planning is the key to execute the work properly. With painting, you can create your own color story. The selection of the right color and flow of color from room to room will make your property attractive.

2-Selection of Colors

Colors have a huge impact on your room appearance. Light colors will brighten up your darker rooms. To make your large space cozy, use warm colors.

3-Taking Measurements

To take the basic measurement, measure the length and width of each wall you are planning to paint. You should multiply the length and height and divide it by 144. This calculation will provide you square per foot for every wall. The single gallon of paint will cost you 400 square feet area.

In some case, you may also need a primer. You might be wondering, how much does it cost to paint a room? Well, the cost will be between $880 to $980 but it can vary according to the size of the room.

4-Hiring an Interior Decorator

You might be confused in selecting the right color. To end your confusion you can take assistance from interior decorators. The service of professional will cost you $50 to $200 per hour.

5-Preparation Work

Before you kick start your painting work, you need to do some preparation work before the painting process. The tasks include are as follows:

  • Taping off the adjacent surfaces.
  • Moving away from the furniture from the walls.
  • Covering the flooring and furniture.
  • Cleaning of the walls.
  • Removing the cabinets and other hardware before painting.
  • Filling up the patch holes on walls and sanding for repair if needed.

6-Use of Primer

To make your painting smooth you need to apply before applying the coats of paint. Following are the types of primer that you need to use according to the surface you are going to paint:

  • Oil-based primers. They work best with oil-based paints and latex based paints. This will cost you $30 per gallon.
  • Latex-based primer. They work best for drywall and latex paints. This will cost you $20 per gallon.
  • Shellac primer, it is good for wood and covering damage from smoke and water. The cost is around $15.

7-Types of Paint

The selection of paint type is also very significant. You need to pick the best type according to the wall surface of your house. To get your interior painted , you can get interior painting service Cape Cod for satisfactory results. Following are the few types:


This is a little sheen that gives a glossy look. This paint is not suitable for hiding the imperfections. Instead, this paint is slightly reflective and shows more imperfections as compared to flat paint but do not give much glossier finishes. Therefore, to hide imperfections, flat paint is the best option.

Flat or Matte:

It is least reflective that make it the best choice for masking the imperfection on the wall. Moreover, dust can easily get trapped, so when washed it may become discolored. This paint is best in those areas that are not having much dust. In this type, cleaning is difficult to be done due to the hard surface.


Semi-gloss and high-gloss paints are fairly glossy and provide a reflective finish. Both these paints highlight imperfection instead of hiding them. Therefore, avoid using semi-gloss paint on walls that are not in good condition.


This paint is similar to the eggshell and can resist moisture well. It is best to be used for hiding problems in most used areas of a house. It is having low luster and easy to clean as compared to eggshell and flat paint.


High gloss paint can be oil-based or water-based. The oil-based version is best to be used for boats due to its durability and resistance for moisture and salt. The water-based paint is flexible and last longer. These both types are best for metal or entry doors.

8-Cost Breakdown For Parts of Houses

Foyer: $190

Bathrooms: $279

Hallways: $190 each

Dining room: $435

Master Bathroom: $330

Master Bedroom: $685

Kitchen: 500 to $570

Bedroom: $700 to $760

Nursery: $690 to $760

Family room: $880 to $980

Basement: $750 to $800

Labor cost: it can be $3 to $ 15 per square foot.

9-Other Improvements

  • To trim your windows, trim, and doors. You need $2 to $3 per linear foot of trim and $38 per door or window.
  • To caulk your windows you need $2 to $3 extra per linear foot.
  • For drywall repair, you need $27 to $52 for an hour according to the level of repair.
  • To remove your heavy furniture call helpers and they will charge $55 to $ 60 per room.


This was a detail about the cost of paint needed and all the important things required for the painting process. To hire Cape Cod painting contractors and to know more about the painting service, you can call us at (774) 327-9118.