Carpenter’s Square

Carpentry work is essential like any other household work. One thing that plays a vital role in this work, is the accurate measurement taken for various things including boxes, cabinets, etc. The structure requires right angles to align adjoining surfaces and distributing structural loads.

In the carpenter’s realm, the right angle (90-degree angle) is used at the intersection of wall studs, wall plates, post, beams, floors, and walls. As the right angle is holding a prominent position, a variety of tools are used to measure 90-degree angles instantly and accurately. Moreover, if you are planning to get carpenter services, hire skilled carpenters of Total Care Painting.

Get familiar with the name of different carpentry tools that are used to measure right angles and their functions listed below:

1.Carpenter’s Square

Carpebtery Square's

First, in the list, we have a carpenter’s square. This L-shaped tool marks and measures right angles during the framing of walls, rafters, and floors. In appearance, this tool has sides of varying lengths. The lengths are 24 by 18, 24 by 16 or 12 by 8 inches.

Coming to the function, the sides of the tool meet at a precise right angle. This allows the carpenters to hold it to surfaces, like walls, and gauge the angle where they intersect. A carpenter’s square has a scale of measurements mentioned on one side of the scale in inches or centimeters. As far as the price is concerned, it ranges from $10 to $30. The plastic version is cheap whereas the stainless-steel square is higher in price as compared to the plastic square.

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2.Rafter Square

Rafter Square

The rafter square is not just a metal triangle, it’s a right triangle. The perpendicular angles of a rafter square intersect at a precise 90-degree angle whereas the remaining side forms 45-degree angle to the others. One of the rafter square edges has a lip, the lip easily catches on the edge of a board that enables a carpenter to measure a right angle across the board face. Rafter square is available in both metal and plastic. The sizes available are 7, 10, 12-inch. The price of a rafter square ranges from below $10 to over $20.

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  1. Combination Square

Combination Square

The combination square, like the rafter square, measures, and checks both right and 45-degree angles. The prime component of a combination square is a straight-edged ruler. A precision machined measuring head is connected to a channel routed across the center of the ruler’s length. The head slides up and down the channel. It can be tightened with the help of the thumb screw to make it static. In a static position, the head forms a right angle to the ruler on one side and a 45-degree angle to the ruler on the other side.

Combination squares are used in rough and finished carpentry. The cost ranges between $15 and $30 depending on quality. These were some of the carpentry hand tools used to measure the right angles. Hire experts to get your work done in an effective way.

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