Painting is one of the best ways to give a refreshing look to your house. The right selection of the paint will give an attractive look to your house. You need to use trendy colors for enhancing the curb appeal of your house. If you are confused about the selection of paint, then you should get in touch with professional companies to get satisfactory results.

Painting is not a simple task as it requires proper time, high-quality paint, and proper tools to complete the work. From the long list of tools, painting brushes play a significant role in the overall process. You need to buy the right paint brush to get a perfect paint finish for your house. For professional assistance in paint, you should get in touch with painting contractors Cape Cod MA of Total Care Painting. The professional staff of the company will guide you in the right way and help you to select the right type of paint. They are known for the best quality services due to the use of high-quality paint, proper tools, and techniques to execute the work.

When you are planning to buy paint and accessories you will get the product according to your investment. To protect your investment and longevity of the product you should properly maintain your brushes and use the right technique for painting. In the following guide, we will be looking at the best ways to clean paint brushes and store them for better performance:

Selecting High-Quality Brush

Wondering, how do you make paint brushes last longer? The quality of your paint will determine the satisfaction according to your finished product. You should make the painting process faster and easier to drive the best results. You need to use the high-quality paint brush for all the interior and exterior projects. It is a one time investment so you should spend some dollars that will differentiate between the amateur and professional looking results.

Brush Types

Now, we will be looking at the three types of brush that will give you satisfactory results:

Nylon/Polyester Blends: This combination of material is easy to work and clean. This will work best for all types of latex paints because this will retain the shape and is also durable.

Natural Bristles: This is made from the natural animal hair such as hog or ox hair. These brushes are best suited for the application of oil-based paints and best finishes.

Polyester Bristles: Next on the list, we have polyester bristles. It is recommended for smooth and even latex paint application.

Brush Sizes

Let’s discuss the different sizes of brush available for the painting purpose:

1″ or 2″: It is a flat bottomed, thin, and narrow in size. It will work best for sashes, windows, and trim.

3″: Best for wider trims, doors, and cabinets.

4″: This is designed for large surface areas. This brush size will hold a large amount of paint for efficient application.

End Types

Angled: The bristles are cut on an angle to make it easier for the application on the vertical trim.


Chisel Trim: The bristles are slanted to get a clean and thin line for the corners and edges.

Square Trim: In this bristles are cut square and used for flat surfaces.

Storing of Paint Brushes

Now, we will be discussing the two paint brush storage ideas to store your paint brushes as listed below:

Store Brush during Short Break: According to the scope of the project you will have to take one or more short breaks. Instead of just laying the brush on a newspaper or on the drop cloth, you should leave the bottom one-third of the bristles in paint before you leave the pace. This practice will prevent the paint on the brush from drying out without overloading of the brush. This will allow you to pick up the brush from the point you start the painting process.

Store Brush during Long Break: One of the best ways to paint the brushes for several hours or more, then you need to wrap the entire head using a plastic bag or plastic wrap. You should create a tight seal at the neck of your brush using the masking tape and store it for two days in a cool area of your home or in a freezer.

Cleaning and Storing Brush for Extended Time

Cleaning and storing the paintbrush is one of the important things to extend the working life of the brushes. Once you have completed your project, then it is time to clean and store your brush till the next time you need it:

1-You need to clean your brush before you start the painting process. You need to remove the excess paint by running the brush along the rim of the paint can. Furthermore, you should brush in a crisscross pattern along with one or more sheets of the newspaper.

2-You should clean the brush thoroughly by using the water for the latex-based paint and the appropriate amount of solvent for the oil-based products.

3-You should wash your brush with water and soap for removing the leftover solvent. Furthermore, you should slap the brush against the edge of your work table or deck railing to get rid of surplus water.

4-You should reshape the bristles by your hand and you should use a paint brush comb.

5-Hang your brush vertically with bristles facing downward.

These were the tips and useful knowledge about how to store the paint brushes. You need to get a high-quality brush for the smooth painting process. If you are in search of professional assistance, then you should avail the house painting Cape Cod services from the Total Care Painting. The skilled staff of the company is having years of experience and they will offer you high-quality work using the right techniques and proper instrument. Hire them and leave the worry of painting your house on them.

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