About Us

About Us

Total Care Painting Company

Since it's beginning Total Care Painting has evolved into a full-service professional painting company in Cape Cod, MA that offers House Painting, Power Washing, Deck Refinishing/Staining and Carpentry. With over a decade of experience painting residential homes and commercial projects, we strive to exceed our customer's expectation in everything we do. Our goal is to deliver unparalleled quality and unique customer service experience. We're the experts you can rely on to provide the right colors for your surroundings.

Next Generation Tools and Their Role in Quality Painting Performance

Having the top of the line professional tools helps us to increase the efficiency of any project. Overall, the equipment we end up selecting to complete your project has a very immediate effect on the quality and speed at which a project is completed. At Total Care Painting, we think that investing in the highest quality tools possible is the best decision for your painting project handled by our professional painters in Cape Cod.

Frequently Asked Questions


We never charge a fee to provide an estimate for your painting project.

Within 24 hours.

Customer service. Our success has been based on delivering high quality painting services with exceptional customer service. we stand behind our work with you to make sure you are happy with experience and the finished project.

When we come in to paint your home we are expecting to handle everything ourselves. We move all of the furniture into the middle of the room. All furniture and belongings are carefully covered and all floors are protected with the proper drop cloths during painting. upon completion of the painting, we will place all furniture back in the location that it was removed from.

Sheen refers to the light reflection of the painted or varnished surface. There are varying degrees of sheen, from no sheen to high gloss. Though some paint manufacturers may refer to their paint sheen by different names, generally, from lowest to highest, paint sheen correspond to these reflective degrees:

  • Flat finish
  • Eggshell finish
  • Satin finish
  • Semi gloss finish
  • High gloss finish

You may request an estimate by clicking and completing our quote request form on our web page or you can call us at (774) 327-9118 or email us at totalcarepainting@hotmail.com

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