6 Things to Consider When Selecting the Exterior House Paint

The exterior look of the house tells about lifestyle of a homeowner. It is the first thing that guests or visitor’s eye catches when they enter inside your property. The paint on the outside of your property should be very durable because it needs to last longer as compared to the interior paint. The paint should have resistance for the weather, mold, or mildew.

If your exterior painting is peeling off, blister, or fade away, then it’s time to paint your house. You might be thinking that you have painted your exterior few years back, then why paint started to fade away. Keeping this in view, the factor can be that you have not selected the quality paint.

Moreover, you might have not hired a professional painter for the job. Hence, this time you must hire the professional Cape Cod painters of the Total Care Painting to get the quality paint job done at your property.

To make your home exterior paint last longer and some other factors that you should keep in your mind are as follows:

1-Estimated Amount of Time You Have

If you have a limited time for the painting job, then you should go for a water-based paint. Some of the water-based paints are more durable as compared to the oil-based paint. Two main benefits of water-based paints are that it can be applied easily and dry quickly.

High-quality oil-based paints are considered to be durable and water resistant as well. If you are planning to paint your handrails, metal substrates, mailboxes, and other hardware, then oil based products are the best option. The only problem with oil-based paints is that they will dry slowly. Keeping this in mind, you need to ensure that the weather is clear when you are going to paint. To get exterior house painting services, you should hire a skilled painter for satisfactory results.

2-Climate of Your Area

If you are planning to paint your house, then you need to keep the climate of your area in your mind. In areas with the warmer climate, there will be relatively high humidity and the exterior paint you might pick may not be suitable for the climate. Such paint will give rise to major issues. You need to look at the recommended temperatures during the application of paint.

On the other side of the coin, if the area is having a cold climate, then the paint will not dry. To paint in such a climate you need to buy paints that can be used at low temperature. You can do some research or you can ask the professional for better guidance by getting in touch with exterior painting companies.


You might be wondering, you have to paint on the exterior side of the house, then why worry about toxins? This factor may not be important for many people but some are very concerned due to health effects caused by the chemicals found in the paint.

The paint with low VOC paint will release less carbon. If you are planning to get low VOC paints, then you should go for the water-based paints. The water-based paints are having few VOCs as compared to the other types of paints likes solvent, xylene, and alkyd.

4-Choice of a Color

The selection of color is very important. You need to select the color according to your own preference and ensure that it is durable as well. If you are not able to make the right decision, then you should get in touch with professionals for the right advice. Moreover, you also need a paint color that goes well with the overall look of your home style.

Wondering, how to choose exterior house colors? Whenever you buy a paint you should test a sample of paint. Apply a small spot on your home to know about its look. Keep one thing in mind that you should apply the paint to several areas under different forms of light. It is recommended to let the paint dry for a few hours. If you are satisfied with the look of a color, then this is the right color for you.

5-Paint Finish

The company name or paint quality are not only things that you should consider when selecting the paint for your house. You also need to make the decision regarding the right finish. Following are the some important finishes that you can choose:

Semi-Gloss: In most of the cases, the semi-gloss can be mistaken for the gloss. There is a very slight difference between gloss and semi-gloss. According to the manufacturer, the semi-gloss paint will offer a little less shine.

Gloss/High Gloss: Gloss is having a tough finish. It will withstand scuffs that’s why said to be good for the places like windows, trims, and exterior trim. The only problem with this kind of finish is that some will consider the gloss too shiny. Remember one thing that glossy sheen will show imperfections as this will reflects the most amount of light.

Satin: The stain finishes is also known as eggshell. The satin paint will not have high sheen just like the gloss or semi-gloss. The stain paint will have a bit of sheen as compared to the flat. You can easily clean it as it is ideal for the exterior house siding. If you pick the right product, then it can be brushed or sprayed.

Flat: If you are having natural wood siding, then you should go for a flat finish. It will help you to hide the imperfections and will assist you to keep the natural integrity of the wood. Another benefit of the flat paint is that it is easy to touch-up.

If wondering, how you calculate square footage for exterior paint, then you should contact professional painters. They will guide you in a better way to provide you the right measurement.

6-Features of Quality Paint

If you want your paint to last longer, then you have to keep an eye on the following characteristics of the high-quality paint:

Hiding Power: The hiding power of paint is dependent on the pigment, color, and thickness of paint. This power enables us to hide the imperfections. Therefore, you should look for this characteristic in your paint.

Chalking Resistance: The selection of paint with low chalking resistance will breakdown prematurely. Due to the degradation, a white chalky layer will be formed and this will make the color of paint uneven.

Blister Resistance: Due to high levels of moisture, low-quality paint will start to blister quickly. The blister resistant paint is less permeable and adheres better with the surface. To make adhesion better, you need to apply the paint on completely dry surfaces.

These were the six things that you should keep in mind when selecting the exterior paint color. To get services regarding exterior or a home interior painting Cape Cod, then you should contact Total Care Painting for the best results.

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