Month: August 2019

Should I Let My Tenants to Paint The House- Hidden Pros & Cons

By Totalcarepainting / August 26, 2019

Making thousands out of short-term rentals is never so easy in Cape Cod. Tenant turnover here is an inevitable part of being in the real estate business. You have to put some efforts before looking for a new buyer, tenant or mortgagor. Make your house exterior and interior that much beautiful that it gives you […]

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16 Cool Projects You Can Do with Leftover Paint

By Totalcarepainting / August 16, 2019

Have you recently painted your home? Yes, my new home paint is perfectly done, but still leftover bucket half-filled with paint. What to do now? Is that leftover paint making you frustrated? Are you thinking of wasting it- hold on!  You don’t need to do it. We encourage you to save your money and paint […]

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