Month: August 2018

What are the best painting colors for selling your house?

By Totalcarepainting / August 17, 2018

Going to sell your house? Your house selling price can be increased if your house paint is aesthetically good and according to trends. Additionally, your house paint color also represents your own taste and lifestyle. The right choice of color will attract buyers. So, the question is what colors attract customers to buy? We have […]

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Paint VS Wallpaper- Which one to Choose For your Room?

By Totalcarepainting / August 3, 2018

A house is a place that holds a very significant place in a person life. Every homeowner tries his best to decorate his house in a best possible way. In home décor, walls and textures are important aspects that need to be focused. Selection of the material that will be on the wall is crucial. […]

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