We all know that it can be a tough decision for any homeowner every time they want to redo the painting within their homes. Every room serves a different purpose, caters to a distinguished flow of traffic, and entertains a separate audience. From highest to lowest traffic, this is how your rooms will be: bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, guest rooms, study room, etc. If you have that particular artistic zing to your nature, it won’t be much of a hassle to choose the ideal paint colors for your room walls. However, if you need an expert opinion, you can always contact Total Care Painting’s service for home interior painting in Cape Cod. We’re always happy to help!

From the color wheel, here’s what every color signifies and how it helps in setting the mood of the room and yours as well:

  • Reds

These are very vibrant colors that help in stimulating the mood. These can greatly increase excitement and positive ambiance of the room and occupants. Our professional painters in Cape Cod recommend these for busy spaces such as the living room, kitchens, game rooms, etc.

  • Oranges

These are uplifting colors which elevate happiness all around. The darker shades such as burnt orange and rust are more somber as compared to lighter and pastel tones such as tangerine. We recommend these for living rooms, dining rooms, and even bedrooms.

  • Yellows

These colors signify power, health, patience, and wisdom. The joyful tints are lively and stimulate the senses with a notion of anticipation. We recommend these for kitchens, kids rooms, and bathrooms.

  • Pinks

It is the color of love, romance, and relationships. It is beneficial in neutralizing the sense and in providing comfort, security, and safety. We highly recommend these for bedrooms for couples, young kids, and playful teens.

  • Greens

It is the color of mother nature, and hence symbolizes growth, healing, freshness, new beginnings and organic atavism. It has a calming effect on children. We recommend it for kitchens, dining rooms, living rooms, and bedrooms.

  • Lighter Blues

These colors are youthful and aid in inspiring confidence within the space occupants. The soothing nature of blue tints and hues are beneficial after a long tiring day. We recommend these for baby rooms, living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms, teen rooms, etc.

  • Darker Blues

These colors infuse a vibe of introspection as well as wisdom. By looking at a darker blue color, you get the feeling of being in power, in control and ready to embark on adventures. We recommend these for formal dining rooms, study rooms, and bedrooms.

  • Purples

These colors, when lighter, are playful and subtle; and when darker, imbue regality and prosperity. Used by royals in the older days, these tones are still considered rich. We recommend purples for living rooms, guest rooms, dining rooms, and kitchens.

  • Blacks

This color and its lighter/darker tones showcase power, honor, and mystery. The darker the color gets, the more mysticism it radiates whereas the lighter it gets, the more neutrality it captures. We recommend for all places of low traffic.

  • Whites

These are the safest, most used and most loved color tones for any and all homeowners. The sense of precision, clarity, focus and open communication is very evident in these colors. When in doubt, paint whites!

  • Grays

The grays when added to any color make it even more harmonious with its surroundings. These invite the occupant with a welcoming and open helpfulness. A beautiful union of white and black, we recommend these for any and all neutral spaces within your home.

  • Browns

These colors offer warmth, hospitality, security and a touch of nature within the room. When coupled with neutralizing contrasts or bright pops, these tones embrace the occupants. We recommend for areas of high interest and traffic.

We understand what homeowners look for within their homes, and hence, we offer them the best paint and color solutions. Our expert creative professionals will help you with color ideation, palette choice, and paint job execution to provide you with the best customer service and experience.

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